2012 – Substance (solo show) – ANCA Gallery

Parallels between the elements of the human body and those found in the sea, referencing the court hierarchy.


2011 – Footprints (group show) – Varied works that referencing our marks on the environment.


2010The Oracle Game (solo show) – ANCA Gallery

The fear of apocalypse and sense of confusion due to climate change mirrored through ancient Mayan rituals.


2010 – Out of Strathnairn (group show) – Belconnen Art Centre Gallery.


2009 – Echoes in Form (solo show) – ANCA Gallery

Parallel study of paired Modernist female artists –comparing styles in Australia and Europe.


2008 –Reorient (solo show) – ACT Legislative Assembly.

Large standing figures inspired by Japanese culture and poetry with reference to the seasons and life cycles.


2007-2008 – Objects of Desire (group show) – Strathnairn Homestead Gallery


2007-2011 – 3 commissions for sculptures from The Canberra Friends of Dili Inc. of East Timorese women.


2007 – Mothers of the Revolution (solo show) – ANCA Gallery Courtyard

Historically referenced female figures focusing on technological changes over 20 generations from 1350 to the present day.


2007 – Between the Cracks (group show) – Watson Arts Centre


2006 – Symbiosis (shared with Joy Georgeson) – Strathnairn Homestead Gallery


2006 – Freeflight (shared with David Lightfoot) – The Front Gallery


2005 – Tilting the Brim (solo show) – Yarralumla Gallery

Australian and Bolivian female figures with hats exploring the cultural divide between the First and the Third Worlds.


2003 – Balance (solo show) – Yarralumla Gallery

Figures from the world’s Indigenous  cultures addressing the problems of globalisation.


2000 –- The Wake of the Last Rhinoceros (solo show) – Yarralumla Gallery

Dancing figures and rhinoceroses derived from Durer’s famous etching  – addressing the loss of biodiversity.


1998 – Guardians of the Body and Soul (solo show) – Yarralumla Gallery

Figures referencing major historical sculptures from Eastern, Western and African mythologies.

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